Raised Salt Painting

Macaroni Made

By Shayna Mills May 23, 2021

Supplies Needed:

  • Table salt
  • White glue
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • Containers
  • Card Stock or Construction Paper in any color
  • Paintbrush or Medicine Dropper
  • Sheet Pan or tray

Place your paper on the sheet pan or tray and draw out a design with the white glue. Have fun with it, draw a picture, write a name, have fun with designs, even work on ABC's!

STEP 2: 
Pour the salt all over the glue picture. You want to be generous with the salt. Once covered, just like you would with glitter, shake off the excess salt. We dumped ours in a cup so that we could reuse it for the next picture.

Mix the food coloring into the water. We made 6 different colors. Take your medicine dropper and fill it with the color of choice, or dip your paintbrush into the colored water and drop a little of color onto the salt. Please note you only need a little color and you want to try to avoid brushing the salt with your brush. And here's where the fun and magic begins, the color will run along the lines of the salt. It's so neat and keeps the kids entertained!

This activity is NOT a keepsake because when it dries, the salt begins to fall off, but it sure is a fun process getting there and will keep you entertained indoors! Love that! Happy Painting!